Friday, December 12, 2008

Washington Times Swinging at Sony

M$ recently dropped the price of its console to $199. Sony of course, has announced they have no plans to drop price anytime soon - they have to think of their shareholders...

In the current economy, this is hara-kiri. Sales figures support this - in November M$ sold more than twice as many Xbox 360s as Sony sold PS3s. What is even more disturbing is that out of all 3 consoles, it is the only one which showed a decrease in sales since last year.

This of course goes to prove that placing customers behind shareholders never works as a strategy; alas Sony as a company seems too arrogant, stupid or maybe lacking the will to do what it takes to make their brand a success.

These particular numbers seem to have drawn interesting reactions out of - the Washington Post. (Yes, that says "Sabotaging the Sony Playstation 3 market?") Some excerpts:
XBox 360 has made serious inroads by dropping the price of its core system to $199. So how did Sony respond?

By releasing a new version of the PS3 ... that's $100 more expensive. Yes, it comes with a game, and yes, it has more hard-drive space, to which I respond: Who cares? Was the marketplace clamoring for more memory from the PS3? Is that why its market penetration is so low compared to its predecessors and competition? What were the Sony execs thinking?

Ouch - that's gotta hurt. Read some comments here.

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