Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Trip to Sultanpur Sanctuary

Well I am back from my one day trip to Sultanpur is over and I am back in Delhi. Pix are up, you can see them here.Overall, the place and environment is really amazing, you get to see a ton of birds easily, its a really cool place to spend a day... if you can get to it. The road to reach it is a living nightmare. HUDA certainly lives up to their name :) My City's bottom scraped the road like 6 times due to potholes, and I was driving really carefully.

Today I also completed my pre-order of the 5800 - you pay Rs. 2000/- and get the 5800 in first week January '09 for Rs. 20k. As a gift to those pre-ordering, Nokia is giving a discount of Rs. 2k on the phone (er... I am not too sure of this, I might have to end up paying 20k more at delivery, meaing no discount, including booking amount :P), also they are bundliing a pair of Sennheiser LX 90 earphones for only Rs. 600/- as opposed to the "list price" of Rs. 4k ($80) Before you get all excited, Amazon UK is already selling them for £6, which comes to approx Rs. 420/- anyway. Prices in Amazon US are higher ($48 i.e. ~Rs. 2300/-), if it makes you feel better...

Still, with or without freebies, you do get the handset early. Clubbed with my 8 GB 2nd Gen iPod Touch (Rs. 12k in Pallika), I get way more features and storage (16 GB total across both devices) than an 8 GB iPhone 3G, a handset that is not locked to any provider at a total cost equal to a 8GB iPhone 3G (Rs. 32k in India), making for a really good deal. The last date for the pre-order is 31st Dec BTW. (Thank god I didn't buy that Xbox 360 - I would be bankrupt next month if I had)

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