Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Final Fantasy XIII Themed PS3

I was trying to buy Final Fantasy XIII for my PS3 when what should I find - a Final Fantasy XIII skin for my PS3. The seller (intencity.in) seemed to have a lot of these for sale - I confirmed that it would fit on my "phat" PS3 and placed on order. Four days later, I had a nice high resolution skin for my PS3

Installing it was a bit more tedious - its a sticker and if you don't install it carefully, you'll end up with air bubbles. Still, I managed to get it installed and the results are pretty cool - check out the photos!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Binsar Photos

Photos from my Binsar trip are now up

Not too many photos once again - the trip got cut short due to Holi. We were initially planning to return on Holi day. However, it seems pahadi people like Holi a bit too much - we were warned against traveling on Holi so we ended up returning a day early. Still we managed to visit the Jageshwar temples at least :)