Monday, December 29, 2008

Secure Passwords Howto

Lifehacker has some interesting tips on how to secure your EMail from hackers. The main tips are choose a better password and obfuscate the answer to security question (which is often the weakest link in the chain)

Alternately, you could use a password manager like KeePass, in which case, you can use Dropbox to sync the password manager across computers, essentially acting as a single sign on application. Another option along the same lines is to use VeriSign's Personal Identity Portal, where you sign in to just the PIP and then it sign you in to all your websites.

I am off to Sultanpur National Park tomorrow, pix soon :) Lets hope getting there is easy... Also, I just found out (from an ad on MapMyIndia of all places!) that people in India can "pre-book" a Nokia 5800 here :)

Lstly, while we are talking about security and stuff, this shows how easy it is to bypass country based IP filters...

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