Monday, January 26, 2009

Windows 7 - Device Stage on the 5800

I have just installed Windows 7 and color me impressed! I am using the x64 edition, and till now, pretty much everything has worked seamlessly out of the box except my ancient Pinnacle PCTV Vision TV Tuner. Its way too late for me to write much (its 4:15 AM here in India) However, let me just leave you with a screen shot of Device Stage in action on my 5800.
Tomorrow's a holiday, so I'll write up on this some more...


Pog said...

What's the rgb for 'impressed'? :p

Looks nice.. but I think Mac had it way back (but anyways).

some answers I am looking for:
1. does it recognize true 4gb - which is guess is not relevant since you are on x64 and not 32 (so it should).
2. how much working memory does it need
3. which games are u gonna play - DMC4? A/Creed? (and I know you have a PS3 - but for a comparative)
4. what is really so exciting about it compared to vista (other than the fact that things work).

Ashish Vashisht said...

1. Re:Mac, not quite.
2. 4 GB - Dunno about the 32 bit version, but I think they would have fixed it by now.
3. I don't play games on my PC anymore :( I havent even opened the Witcher since I updated my PC.
4. Well it looks good, things work well out of the box (no need to install Nokia PC Suite etc) and now I can actually use stuff lke ReadyBoost

Pog said...

re: 4GB - I guess its not happening

2. btw, I've finally got tired of excuses - am onto DMC4 on my lappie and AC by tomorrow.

3. I guess one could readyboost a hard disk - which could be ok for demo stuff - but I'm waiting for some (economical) multi-disk ones. A RAID-y flash-drive! That would be really cool. Would put a new twist to the term - hot-swappable!

Ashish Vashisht said...

Hmmm... The page you have linked to itself mentions a way to show all 4GB on Vista itself (See the Workarounds section) Also it seem Vista SP1 enables this by default. Both seem to require your BIOS to support memory remapping, which I suppose may be a standard feature (no idea)

BTW, ReadyBoost is a flash drive only feature - it uses the fact that USB drives have very low seek time to cache data from the HDD to the USB drive, thus giving a significant performance boost in certain apps...

Pog said...

Re: workaround
- it basically says go x64 (use a chipset capable of addressing 8 GB, capability to support x64 and run vista x64) ... that's not a x32 solution. I was looking at a memory re-mapping s
olution.. but I guess by itself, its not enough.

re: readyboost
I read up on that after I saw your link.. but one possible difference, to me, between standard - host a single db vs enterprise, would be the ability to support dbs across multiple datafiles - ie data partitioning and parallel dbs. which would probably need to get backed up regularly (daily, weekly, etc) to a data farm somewhere... resulting most likely in a usb vs todays standard hdd face-off. One possible solution would be to mirror the structure across the two devices. thus ensuring fast backup and recovery... I guess.

Ashish Vashisht said...

You are right it does require x64 - what nonsense! :) But this link seems to imply on Vista SP1 onwards, it will work even in 32-bit...

ReadyBoost mostly seems to be targeted to move the swap file into a flash drive rather than a hard drive (although wouldnt a HDD be faster than a flash drive) In any case, I think an enterprise would probably want on board flash memory rather than something that could get pulled out/stolen :P

Pog said...

x32: It seems on sp1 it only highlights - a report on installed ram - not available ram in the case of 4Gb.

re: readyboost
ok. you got a point there. I was getting into my star-trek mode there.