Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dharamsala Pix and Nokia 5800

Well I am back from Dharamsala. Pix are up, you can see them here.
I visited the Dalai Lama Monastery in McLeod Ganj and also Baijnath temple and other places near Dharamsala. Overall, it is a really beautiful place, not much to do there though - except lie around reading books :) Fortunately, Club Mahindra's library was pretty well stocked. (Also they had a projctor and organized movie shows - Ghajhini!!) One really interesting thing is what these guys do with towels - you come into your room and the towels will end up looking like flowers/cobra/monkey/elephnat. Check out the pix to see that!

I also got my Nokia 5800 today, I will write a detailed review soon. At first glace, it seems like a really amazing phone, but I am afraid it falls a bit flat when compared to the iPhone. This is mostly due to some bad UI design decisions on Nokia's part:
  1. Double clicking is required to select any item
  2. They added scroll bars, and you can only scroll using scroll bars
  3. Pinch-zoom is not available (Apple patent?)
  4. GPS doesnt seem to work in India
  5. Network connectivity (i.e. connecting to a Wifi Network) is a nightmare if you want to use static IP - the iPod Touch/iPhone can remember static IP/DHCP for each network.
Rome wasn't built in a day however :) Hopefully Nokia's firmware updates will also fix most if not all of these issue... Ciao for now :)


Pog said...

I think GPS does work. Its the solutions such as Maps, etc that may not work, cuz they require you to subscribe to GPRS. Nokia is giving away three months subscription to *their* maps service along with new phones nowadays - which means that you only have to pay the GPRS part to Airtel or whoever you csp is.

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure GPS should work (unless your unit is defective). It shouldn't depend on your service provider. But it does take a long time to triangulate your position. It works on my E71, albeit slowly.

Regarding the Nokia Maps app - just download Google Maps and forget about the Nokia one. Google Maps has detailed street maps of most major Indian cities if not all. I don't think you'll get driving directions or traffic details so if you can live without that, its a far better tool. It can also use your cell tower to point your position roughly while the GPS takes its time to figure out where it is.

BTW, Does the phone run on the S60 platform?

Ashish Vashisht said...

1. GPS works, but only outside (not inside a building :P)
2. Scrolling is possible, just like what you do in Windows XP when you are dragging a file to another directory, hold down the screen and move to the edge

The OS is S60 5th Edition. Many people are telling me to get the Google Maps app, will DL it :)

Youtube doesn't seem to be working (next issue) Detailed review soon.