Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone :) Here's to hoping this year turns out to be a good one, especially for those who faced a layoff due to the economy

I know a lot of people make New Year Resolutions and stuff, I am not much into that. I believe if you really want to change, you can do it anytime you want; Dec 31st is just another day, just like any other day. That said, this year I definitely want to learn Japanese if I get a chance - I have wanted to do that for a long time now, never got around to doing it though :)

On the gaming side, now that I have decided not to buy an XBox 360 right now I am actually buying PS3 games. I recently ordered Oblivion and, counting the 3 games I exchanged on Christmas, now have enough games to last me several months :) In other good news, Sony might have re-enabled Entropay on PSN, only thing is I don't feel like wasting $20 just to test it (if Entropay isnt allowed, I will be stuck with money in my Entropay account) Also, Entropay does have a minimum balance, so maybe PSN cards are not such a bad option after all... Also, there is now finally a game rental service available in Delhi. Its probably not for me - I game primarily on weekends (I get max 2 hrs on weekdays, if I dont have a movie to watch) and any rental service will either end up fleecing me or go nuts waiting for me to finish a game (depending the pricing scheme...)

Meanwhile things are looking bleaker for Sony, with WSJ now coming out against the the PS3 and other reports coming out against the PSP and even Blu-Ray. Whats really sad is the overwhelmingly negative opinions by the average gamer - even ones who own a PS3 (yours truly included :) ) Sony really needs to lower the PS3's price - the costs have come down, so a price cut is feasible and even required in the current economy...

Here's to hoping someone drums some sense into Sony this year... (BTW, I am getting acclimatised to Sony's antics now, so you will probably see way fewer rants from me this year)

I am off to Dharamsala, back on 5th :) Lets hope the fog lets up a bit while we are on the road. With any luck, my 5800 will be ready by the time I am back!

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