Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dharamsala Pix and Nokia 5800

Well I am back from Dharamsala. Pix are up, you can see them here.
I visited the Dalai Lama Monastery in McLeod Ganj and also Baijnath temple and other places near Dharamsala. Overall, it is a really beautiful place, not much to do there though - except lie around reading books :) Fortunately, Club Mahindra's library was pretty well stocked. (Also they had a projctor and organized movie shows - Ghajhini!!) One really interesting thing is what these guys do with towels - you come into your room and the towels will end up looking like flowers/cobra/monkey/elephnat. Check out the pix to see that!

I also got my Nokia 5800 today, I will write a detailed review soon. At first glace, it seems like a really amazing phone, but I am afraid it falls a bit flat when compared to the iPhone. This is mostly due to some bad UI design decisions on Nokia's part:
  1. Double clicking is required to select any item
  2. They added scroll bars, and you can only scroll using scroll bars
  3. Pinch-zoom is not available (Apple patent?)
  4. GPS doesnt seem to work in India
  5. Network connectivity (i.e. connecting to a Wifi Network) is a nightmare if you want to use static IP - the iPod Touch/iPhone can remember static IP/DHCP for each network.
Rome wasn't built in a day however :) Hopefully Nokia's firmware updates will also fix most if not all of these issue... Ciao for now :)
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