Sunday, October 18, 2009

Los Angeles and MAX 09 Photos

Photos from my recent trip to Los Angeles for Adobe MAX 2009 are now up.
Half of these were taken by Ankur Pathela, my fellow Speaker from the Adobe India team - so there are some duplicates! It was a very hectic trip - MAX has a pretty busy schedule and I had stuff to do as late at 10 PM on some days. However, we did get enough time to see (some) of Hollywood :) Overall it was a nice trip to the US - though the 23 hr flight time one way was a bit annoying!


Pog said...

Dude - your link for Ankur is broken.

Ashish Vashisht said...

Works on my end - perhaps it may work if you try a browser where you are not logged in to LinkedIn! (I tried in IE and in Firefox)

Pog said...

hmm ... its working now. was getting an error message earlier.