Monday, September 21, 2009

I am a Speaker at Adobe MAX

Adobe MAX is an annual event hosted by Adobe which showcases the latest innovations and technologies under development at Adobe. I have been working on Adobe LiveCycle Solution Accelerators for some time now and I have been selected to present them at MAX this year.
There are two sessions scheduled - a presentation on Solutions Accelerators in general and a lab where you can learn how to use different solution accelerators. There is also a LC Solution Accelerator T-Shirt being given away if you are interested :)

You can find out more at the Adobe MAX Website and blog. If you wish to know more about my session, open up the scheduler and filter By Speaker name (its last name first) to view the session (and a short bio :))


Gandhi said...

Nice one dude! said...

Awesome! Well, I'm seeing this a little late but still... :)

Hope it went well!