Sunday, May 10, 2009

Windows 7 RC

Considering the elections on last Thursday, I took Friday off too to get a looong :) weekend. Luckily for me, Windows 7 RC was released at the same time and I downloaded it. I had the 64-bit beta version installed and despite various warnings that I would have to reinstall from scratch, I was able to find a guide (thanks to LifeHacker) on how to upgrade from Beta.
  1. Extract the ISO to a Flash drive
  2. Open sources\cversion.ini in Notepad
  3. Set MinClient to 7000.0 and save it
  4. Run setup from the flash drive inside Windows 7 Beta to upgrade to the RC version
  5. Wait and watch as your system reboots 4 (maybe 5!!) times
RC seems pretty much same as Beta - there are minor UI differences, but unfortunately, according to SecurAble, XP mode is not available in my cheap E2200 processor. It seems this problem is Intel specific - most AMD processwors will not face this issue. Not that I care - I am not planning to move to Windows 7 full time anytime soon - XP works well for me, and I still havent got my TV Tuner working in Windows 7. In the meantime, Anandtech has a great article on Windows 7 RC, you can also hit Lifehacker and Microsoft Springboard to find whats new in Windows 7 RC. There's also a video from Microsoft in WMV format if you are interested.

BTW, there's a new firmware v21.0.025 available for the Nokia 5800. In typical Nokia style, its NOT available for India region as yet.

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