Friday, August 22, 2008

On a more Positive note

I have been accused of being very cynical lately, especially where the PS3 is concerned. So I am going to fill this post will all the GOOD stuff I know about the PS3.
First off - Ps3 gets an absolutely weird keyboard addon... (What IS that thing?)

Sony launches iTunes competitor for PS3 - er... region locked... Damn... try harder...

Here's how you can get into the Home beta - wait - US only... aaagh

Ok... generic stuff - 24 best PS3 games, 8 scariest games soming out this fall (most are ALSO on Ps3) - By the way, there is a really cool Flash version of The Last Guy that you can try out here

Here's something good...

Heavy Rain - Read Joystiq's breathless review and see a trailer here. This is the game that might redeem my decision to buy a PS3 - and I am not being cynical here. This game is by Quantic Dream - the same guys who gave us Indigo Prophecy (and if you havent played that, you have really missed something). And if you think I am kidding, see this video of The Casting tech demo

Well! That wasnt so bad :) Till the next rant then...


Pog said...

Wasn't bad? wasn't bad?!

Let's review the "Good" points on the ol' me-not-cynical-meter, shall we.
1. This is supposed to be a "GOOD" stuff post: 0.5 pt. (good will)
2. Weird keyboard: -1 pt
3. iTunes competitor: -1 pt
4. Home beta: -1 pt
5. 24 best PS3 games, ALSO on PS3: -0.7 pt (the heavy sarcasm ... tsk, tsk)
6. Last Guy flash version: -1 pt (cuz now you're blatantly rubbing it in)
7. Heavy Rain: +1pt
8. Indigo Prophecy: +1pt

Tally it up:
-4.7 pts for the captious-camp, and
+2.5 pts for the "happy campers"
Resulting in a net: -2.2pts swinging in favor of the pessimists.

Hmm ... I'd wait for the next rant.

Ashish Vashisht said...

Here you go: Little Big Planet's user generated content will be region locked... See!

Ashish Vashisht said...

Update: Looks like they have backed off from that...

Ashish Vashisht said...

Looks like there are a couple of good games coming out this week... (Vampire Rain and Disgaea 3)

Pog said...

XBox price cut -- just to keep the positive mood alive ...

Ashish Vashisht said...

Ya I am totally buying an X360 this Diwali :)