Sunday, July 27, 2008

Becoming MoGlee from av_2_0

Well, nothing new has happened this week :) I bought a couple of new PS3 games, reaffirming to myself that (for now at least) I am not ditching that platform.

I tried putting AdSense ads on my blog (just for fun), but ended up removing them. This blog used to be the first result when you search for my name, its now moved to the second page. My old JRoller blog is ranked 2nd. I don't think using AdSense would negatively impact search results (conspiracy theorists will say the opposite should be true), but in the meantime, the ads are off. I am making some changes here and there (meta tags, page title), although few if any search engines read meta tags anymore.

I really had nothing new to write about, so instead I decided to talk about my change of online nickname: from av_2_0 to MoGlee. Till just a couple of year ago, I used to used the name av_2_0 everywhere. The name is fairly unique; all uses of it are probably mine. People used to wonder what it meant, though a few friends correctly surmised that it was my initials with a v2.0 :) The disadvantage with this name is simple - its not pronounceable. While at IITM, I had earned the name mowgli, since that is way too common, some time last year, I started to blog under the alias MoGlee. And now if you see, there is little if any reference to my erstwhile "handle" on any page related to me :) My old Yahoo ID still exists, but only because there is no convenient (free) way to port my Yahoo Mail to a new GMail account.

Why did I do that? I dont know... I guess I just got bored with the whole 2.0 thing... Also, in retrospective, while a series of letters and number in l33t might be cool, when the numbers and letters dont make any sense, it becomes just as bad as putting a random number after your name as all other usernames are used up :P (Of course, the WORST thing I have ever seen is people putting _iitm after their name - come on guys dont you have SOME identity outside of your college? I can understandusing this for the job interview, but afterwards?) Then again, many of my college friends are abandoning their nicknames from IIT, so I am definitely not the only one!

The disadvantage with MoGlee is its still too common - I find it used up while registering domain names and while registering for forums and websites :( Of course, the one I really wanted is, unfortunately, short of opening up a company in Estonia, there is little recourse to that. I might find myself using M0Gl33 if things keep up like this - no one seems to be using that! It would also be strangely in synergy with my cousin who uses D34th :)

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