Sunday, December 30, 2007

Life at 130 KM/h

Well, I am back from Khajuraho. Expect pix soon :)

In the meantime I went to our ancestral village, prayed at a shrine to my family's ancestors.

And met my distant relatives (this certainly helped:)
cousin tree
(Yes Photo Bucket :D Although Image Shack is probably better suited to this sort of stuff...)

What was fun was, on the way back we drove home via the Greater Noida Expressway. This road is pretty amazing for an Indian road. More than 20 km long, it is a 6 lane road connecting Noida to Greater Noida. I was able to reach speeds of 130 KM/h easily on the road in my Honda City, the fastest I have gone in my car since I bought it a year ago.

What else is new? DSLinux :D

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