Sunday, July 15, 2007

I have a paper on IEEE!

Visualization for Power Systems Operation for Economic Energy Interchange in Power Pools
Vashisht, A.; Swarup, K.S.
INDICON, 2005 Annual IEEE
Volume , Issue , 11-13 Dec. 2005 Page(s): 157 - 161
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Summary: Effective power system operation requires engineers and operator to analyze large amounts of multivariate data. Power system studies have a need for effective visualization software to display large amounts of information on the screen. The visualization tools encountered by many power system operators and engineers have evolved little beyond tabular displays and the one-line diagram. Java-based visualization of power system operation is presented. In addition to the single line diagram, various new approaches including contouring, addition of dynamically sized components, adding an extra dimension to the plot using various 3D Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), such as OpenGL are described. Two case studies of Economic Energy Interchange in a Power Pool with Energy brokerage and load flow are considered to illustrate the working of the proposed technique.

This is my BTP... Before I left, my prof had insisted I also submit my BTP in paper form. It seems the guy got it published... I never even realized it till today!!

Link to PDF (needs login [money/$$$])

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He he... when I first saw swaroop's name on your blog, I thought you were making fun of him.