Sunday, August 31, 2008

I bought a Nikon D-40

Well,I have gone ahead and bought a Nikon D-40. I got it from this guy (his real world shop - #12 Palika Bazaar, not from the EBay one) The camera has good reviews, and is currently the 5th most popular camera on Flickr. I feel it's quite a steal for its price :)

Here's how my car looks like with a macro focus. (Click to see full size)

Here's a flower

And the same with my DSC-S60 for reference

Well! The DSLR shot certainly looks better :) Of course, I am just beginning to get the hang of it - there are all sorts of stuff (ISO, Metering, Aperture) to learn to really use a DSLR properly. And it uses focal length not zoom :) Should be fun!
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