Monday, April 21, 2008

Finding and Verifying MD5 Hash of PS3 Firmware Update

If you are like me and living in a low bandwidth country, you will face the issue of having to download the PS3 Update file using a PC and then updating via the USB method. This means there is a risk of the update file (PS3UPDAT.PUP) getting corrupted during the download and you have no protection against it destroying your PS3.

To mitigate the risk in this, the MD5 sum for the PS3 Update file can be checked. To do this in Windows XP, download MD5 Sum checker (md5sum.exe) from here. Then look at the URL of the update file:

The last part of the URL, from the final _ to the last / (in red) is the MD5 sum.

In this case (for 2.30) the MD5 sum is : dd2e675fce5d2eb28ca93bc32edb3de6

Now place the md5sum.exe in the same folder as your PS3UPDAT.PUP. Open a command prompt, cd to the update folder.

Then run: md5sum.exe PS3UPDAT.PUP

If the output is same as the code you found as above, you are all set! You should get something like:

dd2e675fce5d2eb28ca93bc32edb3de6 *PS3UPDAT.PUP

Else, re download...
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