Friday, May 8, 2009

Moving Away from Google Pages

Google Pages will soon be closing down - even the part that is on Google Apps for Your Domain. While any content that has been created using the Page Creator tool will be moved to Google Sites, unfortunately, any hosted files will be lost. While I am fine with moving all my content to Sites, I do have some hosted content that I do not want to lose - specifically, the files for this blog's template. The only other content I had on sites was my BTP paper, which I have moved to FileDropper for now.

I did have a few options with where to move my files - but based on recommendations from Life Hacker, I decided to move to Freewebs (now just webs) Turns out, this is a decent enough option - I was able to set up an account easily enough. The site allows hosting, as promised although they have a Java Applet todo bulk upload. This does NOT work. I ended up having to upload every single file one by one manually. Once that was done, everything worked - but it is a bit slow, the first time I fired up my blog, things took a bit of time to load. The site also restricts you to 100MB of bandwidth a month - not something I will hit anytime soon, hosting only template files :) but still not much to go by.

So I decided to look at some other options. Google System recommended Weebly while a lot of commenters on the site recommended - hold your breath - Micro$oft Office Live... What finally sold me was two things - firstly, you can upload your files to the site using WebDAV and secondly, most important of all, I do regularly sign in to Hotmail to check my mail so I was less likely to lose my account due to inactivity with M$ (I dont know what FreeWebs inactive user policy is, but I assume they have one - even M$ does) Setting up waspretty easy, and I had my site up really quickly. So now, all the template files in my system are hosted on Office Live. I might actually have to stop calling M$ evil empire at this rate :)

I am still keeping my domain hosted via Google though - you get all kinds of awesome stuff for free - your own document space, your own chat groups and - your own URL shortening service. I enabled it for my domain and now I can set up my own shortlinks - check out this link for example, to an artice about using Google Image search for wallpapers...

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